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Building the perfect landscape requires the ideal mix of vision, ideas, craft and teamwork. Below are some of the types of structures, materials and brands we use in our constructions.


Often the best place to start thinking about yard improvement projects is to determine your necessities and priorities.

Doug’s Construction can help with all your hardscaping projects from smaller installations such walkways, functional areas to hold and organize your outdoor things to entire open air living rooms with all the luxuries!

Work can be phased dependent on your budget. Keep in mind, it’s always best to discuss and figure out the efficient approach to the stages for the smoothest progression towards your final grand plan.

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Unilock Patio and Seating Wall
Varieties of hardscape and paving materials
Interlocking Pavers

From garden walks to luxurious patios, concrete pavers offer great versatility. And it’s not just classic bricks anymore. Concrete paver manufacturers have introduced a stunning range of new looks in recent years. From beautiful rich new surfaces to products with the appearance of real stone, concrete paving systems are more attractive than ever before.

Clay Pavers

The same concept as concrete pavers except clay pavers have been around for centuries longer. The ancient courtyards and roads that can still be seen in Europe and older American cities are paved with clay bricks. It’s the original, but today’s manufactures offer a greater selection of colors, styles and finishes than ever before.

Permeable Pavers

Water runoff in our built-up urban and suburban areas is a growing problem for the environment. Permeable paver structures such as patios and driveways allow rain water to drain between the bricks and into a special porous base below where it can naturally percolate into the soil. Installing permeable pavers helps reduce pollution in local streams and rivers.

Reclaimed Street Pavers

Taken up by towns and villages to make way for new roads, reclaimed street pavers are very old, quite beaten up and have loads of character. Most now outdoor paver brands come in finishes that mimic a vintage look but these are the real thing. Can be used as an accent with new materials.

Natural Blue Stone

Cut in different sized pieces for laying in various patterns, natural cut stone creates a classic landscape surface. Bluestone is the quintessential cut stone material but it’s also available in a variety of limestone colors and textures. Natural stone can be combined with brick pavers to great effect.

Pattern Paving Stones

The authenticity of today’s concrete paving stones designed to look like natural cut stone is incredible. Using molds cast from real stones, manufacturers have created products that faithfully replicate the look and feel of natural cut stone but at a lower price point and with surfaces that resist dirt build-up.

Stone Seating Wall

There’s plenty of natural stone choices when building a landscape feature. Regular sized pieces can be dry-stacked for effective planting bed edging or random sized pieces can be mortared and capped for a classic looking garden wall. Materials range from limestone to bluestone and granite.


The variety and style of today’s landscape wall materials is amazing. From tumbled to rock faced textures in a range of shapes and colors, almost anything is possible. It’s not just for walls either, barbecues, fire pits or planters can be created. Features such as inset lights can also be added.


Flagstone comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Smaller pieces are used for stepping stones or stacked and mortared to create garden edging or walls. Larger limestone slabs make lovely casual or rustic landscape areas. Large flagstone is pricier and takes more time to lay but the results can be well worth the extra effort.


The brick and natural stone suppliers we use for your projects are of the highest quality. These manufacturers have useful websites where you can see the array of materials available and photos of finished installations for inspiration.

Better yet, you may like to visit a supplier’s showroom location. It’s often helpful to see and touch materials to decide which ones best suit your taste and style.

Unilock Outdoor Idea Center in Aurora, IL. Visit the manufacturers location to see built designs and display environments that use all of their popular material combinations.

For clay pavers, Illinois Brick Company has a convenient Naperville showroom where you can see their fantastic selection.

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