Ideas for landscape structures & features.

From practical to magical, there’s a vast array of built stone and brick structures that can bring your landscape alive. Below are a few idea starters to help you plan your ideal outdoor environment.

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Back Yard Amenities

You know how everybody likes to congregate in the kitchen? Backyard kitchen spaces can be even more attractive. If you enjoy cooking and entertaining plan the ideal space for your culinary activities. Try to locate the outdoor kitchen for easy access to the indoors kitchen while keeping clear access to the patio lounging areas and garden views. A smaller single cooking unit structure may suit your needs. Or go big with multiple built-in units and granite countertop for serving and enjoying the food!


Nothing completes a well-appointed outdoor kitchen quite like built-in appliances. Doug’s Construction can source and install kitchen units in natural stone or brick structures. The range of available options is fantastic. Choose from smaller gas grills to larger high-end systems with multiple cooking areas. Of course with all the delicious meals you may also want a refrigerator for food and drink. Or maybe you fancy something like a pizza oven. There are many tasty items to consider!


Some are content to just relax and enjoy their garden but kids and more energetic friends may have different plans. Areas and structures for family outdoor activities make great home additions. Younger children might need a safe area for a playset. While a concrete or brick basketball area is great for kids and adults. Doug’s can do the entire construction for you from pouring the concrete to laying the paving brick and installing the basketball goal and hoop. Make your backyard a fun destination!


One of the most desirable landscape structures, a custom-built outdoor fireplace is often the focal point of the patio! Mortared natural stone construction with proper firebrick lining, chimney cap, and raised hearth add both beauty and safety. The design can be enhanced further with integrated wood storage spaces, attached seating walls, and limestone caps to finish the look. A fireplace provides beautiful visual interest to a patio both day and night.


A simpler option than a free-standing fireplace is a built-in fire pit for your brick or stone patio. Plan an area of your outdoor space for comfy lounge chairs but also add a fire pit off to the side and you’ll see the chairs get pulled up and around the feature for warmth, togetherness, and conversation. Integrate a low garden wall nearby for looks and additional seating. Oh, and have the marshmallows handy!


When planning a landscape space consider all the different people who will be using it. Built-in outdoor benches are ideal for public or commercial spaces but create areas to place benches or chairs in your garden too. Separate areas for laid-back lounging and more casual sitting and chatting work well. Larger groups will just like the extra places to sit and older folks or kids may appreciate the option for enjoying the outdoors but slightly away from the main crowd.

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