Landscape walls and levels add both style and function.

Illinois may be flat but most properties still have a number of level changes to be considered.
Walls and terracing bring beauty and function to your landscape.

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Walls, Terracing & Level Changes
Walls & Levels - Stacked Outcropping Wall

One of the simpler yet very effective styles of landscape wall is dry-stacked natural stone outcropping. Even though there is no mortaring involved, outcrop walls still require proper construction technique and visual consideration. Doug’s builds them correctly with solid gravel bases, plus correct grading and drainage calculations. Outcropping walls create appealing transitions from a patio to the softer more natural areas of the surrounding landscape.

Walls & Levels - Mortared Stone Garden Wall

For a more formal look, you can’t beat a mortared natural stone wall. These structural features bring an architectural element to a garden space. Piers and stone caps add substance and scale which is especially important with larger houses and properties. The size and weight of mortared walls require solid deep poured concrete foundations and also drainage solutions to keep water from becoming trapped and frozen behind the wall. Doug’s construction experience means your wall is built the right way.

Walls & Levels - Natural Stone Sitting Wall

Mortared walls make beautiful features when used to enclose a patio space. They are called seating or sitting walls. As both names suggest, they provide extra space where guests can rest when you are hosting larger gatherings. Seating walls are planned and built along with the patio so the wall’s concrete foundation and the patio’s compacted gravel base make for one overall solid structure when constructed by Doug’s. Landscape lighting can be built into the walls, piers or steps for even more beauty and function.

Walls & Levels - Retained Bed with Bench

Sometimes a quick grade drop-off between a building or house and the adjacent paving is a real problem area. Retaining walls that enclose and create planting bed spaces can provide an ideal solution in these situations. The plantings bring visual beauty and soften the foundation of the building. Add to this the structural appeal of a beautiful landscape wall and you have an impressive feature as well as an attractive answer to a difficult space in your landscape. An array of wall materials are available to suit every house. 

Walls & Levels - Tall Retaining Wall

Houses built on hilly terrain present difficult areas for creating walkways around a property. Steeper grades also require special attention to assure good rainwater runoff away from the house. Higher retaining walls are often needed in these situations. Manmade wall stones provide the most durable structure and best solutions for soil erosion. It’s crucial that higher retaining walls are planned and constructed to manufacturer’s specifications and local codes. Doug’s Construction has been an Unilock Authorized Contractor since 1998.

Walls & Levels - Paving Brick Steps, Wall and Stoop

Retaining walls and tiered landscaping are desirable features in a property’s front, side or backyard areas. Multiple complimenting structures, such as paving brick terraces, patios, sidewalks, and steps often work together to create a beautifully finished hardscaped space. The experienced craftsmen at Doug’s Construction will properly build all these structures, including poured concrete foundations when needed. Walls and levels bring lasting beauty, curb appeal and functional solutions throughout your property.

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