River Forest Front Landscape 4

River Forest Driveway & Entrance

This was a large landscaping project installed in River Forest, Illinois. The homeowners were not happy with the curb appeal of their new house.

The existing concrete driveway was removed and replaced with a driveway constructed using reclaimed Chicago city street pavers. A special permeable base was laid below the new driveway structure. The old reclaimed bricks allowed ample space between them to create a modern permeable brick driveway structure.

The existing front concrete walkway as also removed. It was replaced with a much wider clay paver sidewalk with a dynamic sweeping curved design. This made the entrance approach for visitors much more welcoming and interesting. A front yard seating area surface was also built to allow space for a outdoor bench and chair where the family could enjoy the improved planting beds and the grandmother could sit and watch the kids play in the front yard when she was visiting.

The existing small concrete stoop and step at the front door was removed and extended to make the entrance more attractive. The added area along with the area outside the doorway was covered with mortared flagstone edges with brick.

The front of the home was transformed with the hardscaping installation.

Paver Brick Pattern Driveway

Brick Driveways

Driveways often take up a large portion of a property frontage. Investing in a paver driveway can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your house. Doug’s Construction has built many drives over the years. Proper preparation work including a thick heavy gravel base to manufacturer’s specifications and well-planned and executed grading and leveling are essential.

Great build and materials are always the main focus of a construction by Doug’s.

The company’s 3-year guarantee on paving brick structures and 1-year on poured concrete gives you the assurance that your job will be done right.

There are a variety of materials available for driveway construction. Paving brick is available many different colors, shapes and patterns. Specialty materials such as reclaimed old city street pavers can be used.

Or for a more environmentally friendly solution special permeable pavers can be laid. These are more recent technological developments that have larger spaces built in between the bricks that allow rain water to quickly drain into a special gravel base where it can then naturally filter back into the ground.

Doug’s Construction also can provide high quality poured concrete driveways and aprons.