Naperville Patio Kitchen

Naperville Home Front and Back Hardscaping

For this project, Doug’s Construction Company was brought in to install the entire hardscaping, front and back, at this beautiful Naperville, Illinois home.

It is extra special when we are asked to build new landscape features throughout a property. It gives Doug and the crew the satisfaction of helping transform the homeowner’s entire outdoor space.

Beginning at the front, a antiqued paving brick entrance walkway leads to the house. A well-paced step and landing was built on a poured concrete base. This makes the construction more solid and durable and is something that some other landscaping companies might not do.

The long front stoop area was covered with the same paving brick that is used on the sidewalks. Natural stone treads were used on the steps. This all brings a beautiful looking finish to the home’s front facade and adds curb appeal.

Paved brick sidewalks lead visitors from the front yard along the side of the house and to the back. A stacked limestone low garden wall contains the planting beds and adds a natural finish to the paving surfaces.

The backyard construction included a generous family entertaining patio area. The tumbled paving brick pattern is used throughout.

The centerpiece of the design features a outdoor cooking and eating area. The structure is built with mortared natural stone with a granite countertop. Built-in appliances include a grilling and cooking unit and refrigerator. All installation was handled by Doug’s Construction.

Finally, there is a large area of the brick patio that accommodates outdoor furniture for relaxing in the sunshine or by the built-in fire pit. Natural stone outcropping can be seen used as accents throughout the landscape.

Family Backyard Putting Green

Family Backyard, Naperville, IL

This is a Naperville backyard installation by Doug’s Construction. The project included a mix of hardscaping structures and materials including a patio under a wooden pergola, mortared stone sitting wall, walkways and a putting green area.

The seating wall was built with natural stone and cap. Main patio and sidewalk surfaces are laid with Unilock Thornbury which is a manufactured building material made to look and feel like natural cut bluestone or limestone.

Putting green and sidewalks are bordered with a complimenting paving brick which provides architectural detail and brings a cohesive look to the entire outdoor area.

The way this space is designed and laid out provides a variety of seating and table areas. There is plenty of space under the pergola for the main dining table, a lounge area as well as a serving and storage cupboard. Plus, ample paving area was built adjacent to the putting green allowing for another table and more seating.

It’s a lovely multi-function patio for eating, relaxing and family fun and games!

Hardscape Structures and Features

This gallery shows examples of just a few add-on, enhancements and structures that are possible with stone and brick hardscaping by Doug’s.

Make a list of the amenities and structures you want in your landscape. Then give us a call and we will stop by and discuss the best way to make your concept a reality.

Outdoor kitchens or bars, lighting, patios, seating walls and of course there is a huge array of materials to consider.

The possibilities are almost endless and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Back Patio Living Space 2

Relaxing Back Patio

What sort of things do you enjoy? What would you like to do more of at home but don’t have the space for now? A new back yard patio living room may be they answer to some of these questions.

Considering the simple pleasures they bring, patio spaces are more complex and and nuanced than you may think. The areas offer so much opportunity to improve your family life from a special place just to relax, to extra room for entertaining guests, to somewhere you’ll will see your kids grow up.

A good patio can last a lifetime. It is important that it is planned and built as such. Doug’s Construction can help you figure out the perfect layout, the ideal size and materials and accents. There are many features to choose from including from sitting walls to piers with built-in lighting to making sure there is enough space for items you really want. Like a hot tub for example!

This patio project was completed in Naperville, Illinois. Doug and the homeowners found the right balance and style to not only complement the house but also the family’s lifestyle.

Outdoor Family Room 4

Outdoor Family Room

Creating a back yard living room is a great way to extend your home and activities outside. This multi-functional space in Hinsdale, Illinois included a dining area under a pergola just off a small deck area where the barbecue is located.

Mortared natural stone piers with 42″ concrete footings were built to support the posts to the wooden structure. Rich red clay pavers with an antiqued finish were used. Finishing accents of natural stone and a small raised planter provided space for flowers and structural support for the grading.

A separate distinct lounge area with a mortared stone fireplace, integrated seating wall and limestone cap completed this special project. The flooring surface is constructed with flagstone cut, pieces and dry-laid in a random pattern. The red pavers are used for border accents. Poured concrete footer foundations below the frost line along the entire wall and supporting the fireplace feature were part of the construction job.

A path made of crushed granite gravel edged with brick along the entire north side of the house was also part of this very attractive installation.

Riverside Patio Project 2

Riverside, Illinois Project

This project involved building a highly detailed patio in a small backyard space. Clay paver bricks in a rich dark color were used for the main field area and a contrasting lighter color brick for the inset border accents.

Large flagstone pieces were dry-laid to create an area for the barbecue and steppers leading in through the garden gate and also to the children’s play area at the very back of the property. Pea gravel was used to fill the spaces between the flagstone slabs. A limesone stepping stone path was also created along the side of the house.

When the kids were getting a bit older the homeowner asked us to do more work at the back of the property. The swing set was removed and a crushed granite gravel was installed which surrounded raised planting boxes and beds where the family turned their attention to growing herbs and vegetables.

The installation shows how quality materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail can create a beautiful landscape in even a small property.