Cat In The Hat Statue

Naperville, Illinois Public Statues

Doug and his team are proud to be frequently called upon to install the public statues and surrounding paving brick areas our Naperville community enjoys.

The three images shown above are just a few of the public art pieces we have worked on. We will post others once we have good photos to share.

Riverwalk Visionaries

A tribute to the men who started it all. This piece depicts former Naperville, IL mayor Chet Rybicki and local businessman Jim Moser in the planning stages of the Riverwalk.

in 1979, a committee was formed to begin the Riverwalk project to coincide with the city’s sesquicentennial celebration in 1981. Together with architect Chuck George the group envisioned and got community approval for the development alon the west branch of the DuPage River.

Installed 2006. Artist: Kathleen Farrell, assisted by Dante DiBartolo, David Standifer and Roberta Faulhaber.

Location: Water St. and Main St. on the Riverwalk

The Cat in a Hat

We enjoy the work that we do and sometimes can even say it’s a lot of fun. Like when we installed The Cat in the Hat sculpture and surrounding paving brick area along Naperville’s Century Walk!

Dr. Seuss and his children’s books are American treasures and of course The Cat in the Hat is one of his most beloved characters. This 10 ft. tall statue is one of several around the city honoring the author’s creations. Doug’s Construction installed several including The Grinch outside the Naper Boulevard Library.

Installed 2007. Artist: Leo Rijn.

Location: Jefferson Ave. and Eagle St. at the Nichols Library

Mr. and Mrs. Naperville

Margaret and Harold Moser are towering figures of the Naperville community. This 7-foot tall statue provides a fitting tribute to the couple.

Harold Moser began building homes in the city in 1949 and devoted his life to giving back to the city of Naperville, IL. Doug and our family are proud to do our little part as well, helping to beautify the area we call home.

Installed 2007. Artist: Bart Gunderson.

Location: Centennial Park at foot of Carillon

More photos of our public art area installations will be posted when we have the photographs,

Learn more about all the Naperville Century Walk here.

Naperville Patio Kitchen

Naperville Home Front and Back Hardscaping

For this project, Doug’s Construction Company was brought in to install the entire hardscaping, front and back, at this beautiful Naperville, Illinois home.

It is extra special when we are asked to build new landscape features throughout a property. It gives Doug and the crew the satisfaction of helping transform the homeowner’s entire outdoor space.

Beginning at the front, a antiqued paving brick entrance walkway leads to the house. A well-paced step and landing was built on a poured concrete base. This makes the construction more solid and durable and is something that some other landscaping companies might not do.

The long front stoop area was covered with the same paving brick that is used on the sidewalks. Natural stone treads were used on the steps. This all brings a beautiful looking finish to the home’s front facade and adds curb appeal.

Paved brick sidewalks lead visitors from the front yard along the side of the house and to the back. A stacked limestone low garden wall contains the planting beds and adds a natural finish to the paving surfaces.

The backyard construction included a generous family entertaining patio area. The tumbled paving brick pattern is used throughout.

The centerpiece of the design features a outdoor cooking and eating area. The structure is built with mortared natural stone with a granite countertop. Built-in appliances include a grilling and cooking unit and refrigerator. All installation was handled by Doug’s Construction.

Finally, there is a large area of the brick patio that accommodates outdoor furniture for relaxing in the sunshine or by the built-in fire pit. Natural stone outcropping can be seen used as accents throughout the landscape.

Family Backyard Putting Green

Family Backyard, Naperville, IL

This is a Naperville backyard installation by Doug’s Construction. The project included a mix of hardscaping structures and materials including a patio under a wooden pergola, mortared stone sitting wall, walkways and a putting green area.

The seating wall was built with natural stone and cap. Main patio and sidewalk surfaces are laid with Unilock Thornbury which is a manufactured building material made to look and feel like natural cut bluestone or limestone.

Putting green and sidewalks are bordered with a complimenting paving brick which provides architectural detail and brings a cohesive look to the entire outdoor area.

River Forest Front Landscape 4

River Forest Driveway & Entrance

This was a large landscaping project installed in River Forest, Illinois. The homeowners were not happy with the curb appeal of their new house.

The existing concrete driveway was removed and replaced with a driveway constructed using reclaimed Chicago city street pavers. A special permeable base was laid below the new driveway structure. The old reclaimed bricks allowed ample space between them to create a modern permeable brick driveway structure.

The existing front concrete walkway as also removed. It was replaced with a much wider clay paver sidewalk with a dynamic sweeping curved design. This made the entrance approach for visitors much more welcoming and interesting. A front yard seating area surface was also built to allow space for a outdoor bench and chair where the family could enjoy the improved planting beds and the grandmother could sit and watch the kids play in the front yard when she was visiting.

The existing small concrete stoop and step at the front door was removed and extended to make the entrance more attractive. The added area along with the area outside the doorway was covered with mortared flagstone edges with brick.

The front of the home was transformed with the hardscaping installation.

Hardscape Structures and Features

This gallery shows examples of just a few add-on, enhancements and structures that are possible with stone and brick hardscaping by Doug’s.

Make a list of the amenities and structures you want in your landscape. Then give us a call and we will stop by and discuss the best way to make your concept a reality.

Outdoor kitchens or bars, lighting, patios, seating walls and of course there is a huge array of materials to consider.

The possibilities are almost endless and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Back Patio Living Space 2

Relaxing Back Patio

What sort of things do you enjoy? What would you like to do more of at home but don’t have the space for now? A new back yard patio living room may be they answer to some of these questions.

Considering the simple pleasures they bring, patio spaces are more complex and and nuanced than you may think. The areas offer so much opportunity to improve your family life from a special place just to relax, to extra room for entertaining guests, to somewhere you’ll will see your kids grow up.

A good patio can last a lifetime. It is important that it is planned and built as such. Doug’s Construction can help you figure out the perfect layout, the ideal size and materials and accents. There are many features to choose from including from sitting walls to piers with built-in lighting to making sure there is enough space for items you really want. Like a hot tub for example!

This patio project was completed in Naperville, Illinois. Doug and the homeowners found the right balance and style to not only complement the house but also the family’s lifestyle.

Pattern Paver Entrance Walkway 4

Stone and Brick Home Entrance

Replacing the front sidewalk and entrance area with brick and stone can completely transform the look of a house.

This project included installation of a pattern cut stone sidewalk that is edged in brick. The sweeping curved design and wider sized walkway makes for a more inviting entrance to the house for visitors.

Landscape stone and capped piers with integrated outdoor lighting complete the project with beautiful affect and added nighttime safety and security.

Paver Brick Pattern Driveway

Brick Driveways

Driveways often take up a large portion of a property frontage. Investing in a paver driveway can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your house. Doug’s Construction has built many drives over the years. Proper preparation work including a thick heavy gravel base to manufacturer’s specifications and well-planned and executed grading and leveling are essential.

Great build and materials are always the main focus of a construction by Doug’s.

The company’s 3-year guarantee on paving brick structures and 1-year on poured concrete gives you the assurance that your job will be done right.

There are a variety of materials available for driveway construction. Paving brick is available many different colors, shapes and patterns. Specialty materials such as reclaimed old city street pavers can be used.

Or for a more environmentally friendly solution special permeable pavers can be laid. These are more recent technological developments that have larger spaces built in between the bricks that allow rain water to quickly drain into a special gravel base where it can then naturally filter back into the ground.

Doug’s Construction also can provide high quality poured concrete driveways and aprons.

Downers Grove Project 2

Downers Grove Commercial Property

Quality of the finished built projects, along with the professional approach taken during the construction process, make Doug’s a reliable and trustworthy choice when it comes commercial properties. Doug knows it is important to building managers that the job site is kept safe and the building accessible while the work is being completed. Doug’s dependability and professionalism is front and foremost in any project the company takes on.

The installation shown here was along the entire two sides of a building in Downers Grove, Illinois. The building includes both professional offices and residential occupants. New decorative paving brick entrance areas where installed outside both of the main doorways. The size and proportions of the entrance areas was increased compared to the old areas to make access more attractive and open.

The narrow landscape around the building was previously difficult to plant and maintain. A new retaining wall not only gives the building a new look, it also eliminated grading issues while providing a large contained planting beds.

Three teak benches were installed to provide visitors places to relax and enjoy the gardens. A large planting container was set on a landscape stone pier structure which defines the end of the retaining wall and nicely finishes the public’s main view of the property.

Naperville, IL Project

Naperville Front Hardscaping

Extensive hardscaping installation Doug’s completed at a newly constructed property in Naperville, Illinois. Well-planned and properly-built landscape structures not only finish a house, they bring the architecture into the landscape. This makes first impressions and visitor’s entrance more inviting and enjoyable.

It’s extremely important that paving, brick, garden walls and stoops are built to the manufacturers specifications, with skill and attention to detail. Thorough and exacting preparation work, such as good thick gravel bases, well compacted and leveled, with positive water runoff are crucial for a beautiful finished construction. With Doug’s you get all this and more (such as very polite and professional workers). There are some landscaping companies that don’t deliver quite as much.

This project included wide, well-paced steps into the property from the public sidewalk and a new walkway to the house entrance. A stacked decorative stone retaining wall feature brings the grading change into the design and creates a large raised planting bed area.

The stoop outside the front door is extended with a large new concrete base which has been covered with paver brick material. Materials are carefully selected to compliment the stonework on the house facade. The walks flow through the space and lead to the back garden.