Cat In The Hat Statue

Naperville, Illinois Public Statues

Doug and his team are proud to be frequently called upon to install the public statues and surrounding paving brick areas our Naperville community enjoys.

The three images shown above are just a few of the public art pieces we have worked on. We will post others once we have good photos to share.

Riverwalk Visionaries

A tribute to the men who started it all. This piece depicts former Naperville, IL mayor Chet Rybicki and local businessman Jim Moser in the planning stages of the Riverwalk.

in 1979, a committee was formed to begin the Riverwalk project to coincide with the city’s sesquicentennial celebration in 1981. Together with architect Chuck George the group envisioned and got community approval for the development alon the west branch of the DuPage River.

Installed 2006. Artist: Kathleen Farrell, assisted by Dante DiBartolo, David Standifer and Roberta Faulhaber.

Location: Water St. and Main St. on the Riverwalk

The Cat in a Hat

We enjoy the work that we do and sometimes can even say it’s a lot of fun. Like when we installed The Cat in the Hat sculpture and surrounding paving brick area along Naperville’s Century Walk!

Dr. Seuss and his children’s books are American treasures and of course The Cat in the Hat is one of his most beloved characters. This 10 ft. tall statue is one of several around the city honoring the author’s creations. Doug’s Construction installed several including The Grinch outside the Naper Boulevard Library.

Installed 2007. Artist: Leo Rijn.

Location: Jefferson Ave. and Eagle St. at the Nichols Library

Mr. and Mrs. Naperville

Margaret and Harold Moser are towering figures of the Naperville community. This 7-foot tall statue provides a fitting tribute to the couple.

Harold Moser began building homes in the city in 1949 and devoted his life to giving back to the city of Naperville, IL. Doug and our family are proud to do our little part as well, helping to beautify the area we call home.

Installed 2007. Artist: Bart Gunderson.

Location: Centennial Park at foot of Carillon

More photos of our public art area installations will be posted when we have the photographs,

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