Back Patio Living Space 2

Relaxing Back Patio

What sort of things do you enjoy? What would you like to do more of at home but don’t have the space for now? A new back yard patio living room may be they answer to some of these questions.

Considering the simple pleasures they bring, patio spaces are more complex and and nuanced than you may think. The areas offer so much opportunity to improve your family life from a special place just to relax, to extra room for entertaining guests, to somewhere you’ll will see your kids grow up.

A good patio can last a lifetime. It is important that it is planned and built as such. Doug’s Construction can help you figure out the perfect layout, the ideal size and materials and accents. There are many features to choose from including from sitting walls to piers with built-in lighting to making sure there is enough space for items you really want. Like a hot tub for example!

This patio project was completed in Naperville, Illinois. Doug and the homeowners found the right balance and style to not only complement the house but also the family’s lifestyle.