River Forest Front Landscape 4

River Forest Driveway & Entrance

This was a large landscaping project installed in River Forest, Illinois. The homeowners were not happy with the curb appeal of their new house.

The existing concrete driveway was removed and replaced with a driveway constructed using reclaimed Chicago city street pavers. A special permeable base was laid below the new driveway structure. The old reclaimed bricks allowed ample space between them to create a modern permeable brick driveway structure.

The existing front concrete walkway as also removed. It was replaced with a much wider clay paver sidewalk with a dynamic sweeping curved design. This made the entrance approach for visitors much more welcoming and interesting. A front yard seating area surface was also built to allow space for a outdoor bench and chair where the family could enjoy the improved planting beds and the grandmother could sit and watch the kids play in the front yard when she was visiting.

The existing small concrete stoop and step at the front door was removed and extended to make the entrance more attractive. The added area along with the area outside the doorway was covered with mortared flagstone edges with brick.

The front of the home was transformed with the hardscaping installation.

Pattern Paver Entrance Walkway 4

Stone and Brick Home Entrance

Replacing the front sidewalk and entrance area with brick and stone can completely transform the look of a house.

This project included installation of a pattern cut stone sidewalk that is edged in brick. The sweeping curved design and wider sized walkway makes for a more inviting entrance to the house for visitors.

A large half-circle stone and brick covered stoop provides a generous area for when greeting and saying goodbye to guests. A structure like this also eliminates the need for a step outside the door and makes for a safer and more comfortable entry.

A reinforced poured concrete slab foundation for the circular stoop was installed by Doug’s team. This is a strong and solid structure and the best way to build a stone and brick clad feature like this. Poured concrete is offten needed in landscape construction and an important capability that Doug’s offers.

Plenty of bedding area, especially between the walkway and house, not only provides ample space for planting, but it also pulls the sidewalk away from the house making for a more dramatic walk that connects to the driveway.

Decorative landscape block stone piers with natural limestone caps feature integrated outdoor lighting fixtures. This finishes the design beautiful both day and night while also adding nighttime safety and security.

Naperville, IL Project

Naperville Front Hardscaping

Extensive hardscaping installation Doug’s completed at a newly constructed property in Naperville, Illinois. Well-planned and properly-built landscape structures not only finish a house, they bring the architecture into the landscape. This makes first impressions and visitor’s entrance more inviting and enjoyable.

It’s extremely important that paving, brick, garden walls and stoops are built to the manufacturers specifications, with skill and attention to detail. Thorough and exacting preparation work, such as good thick gravel bases, well compacted and leveled, with positive water runoff are crucial for a beautiful finished construction. With Doug’s you get all this and more (such as very polite and professional workers). There are some landscaping companies that don’t deliver quite as much.

This project included wide, well-paced steps into the property from the public sidewalk and a new walkway to the house entrance. A stacked decorative stone retaining wall feature brings the grading change into the design and creates a large raised planting bed area.

The stoop outside the front door is extended with a large new concrete base which has been covered with paver brick material. Materials are carefully selected to compliment the stonework on the house facade. The walks flow through the space and lead to the back garden.