Family Backyard Putting Green

Family Backyard, Naperville, IL

This is a Naperville backyard installation by Doug’s Construction. The project included a mix of hardscaping structures and materials including a patio under a wooden pergola, mortared stone sitting wall, walkways and a putting green area.

The seating wall was built with natural stone and cap. Main patio and sidewalk surfaces are laid with Unilock Thornbury which is a manufactured building material made to look and feel like natural cut bluestone or limestone.

Putting green and sidewalks are bordered with a complimenting paving brick which provides architectural detail and brings a cohesive look to the entire outdoor area.

The way this space is designed and laid out provides a variety of seating and table areas. There is plenty of space under the pergola for the main dining table, a lounge area as well as a serving and storage cupboard. Plus, ample paving area was built adjacent to the putting green allowing for another table and more seating.

It’s a lovely multi-function patio for eating, relaxing and family fun and games!

Downers Grove Project 2

Downers Grove Commercial Property

Quality of the finished built projects, along with the professional approach taken during the construction process, make Doug’s a reliable and trustworthy choice when it comes commercial properties. Doug knows it is important to building managers that the job site is kept safe and the building accessible while the work is being completed. Doug’s dependability and professionalism is front and foremost in any project the company takes on.

The installation shown here was along the entire two sides of a building in Downers Grove, Illinois. The building includes both professional offices and residential occupants. New decorative paving brick entrance areas where installed outside both of the main doorways. The size and proportions of the entrance areas was increased compared to the old areas to make access more attractive and open.

The narrow landscape around the building was previously difficult to plant and maintain. A new retaining wall not only gives the building a new look, it also eliminated grading issues while providing a large contained planting beds.

Three teak benches were installed to provide visitors places to relax and enjoy the gardens. A large planting container was set on a landscape stone pier structure which defines the end of the retaining wall and nicely finishes the public’s main view of the property.

Naperville, IL Project

Naperville Front Hardscaping

Extensive hardscaping installation Doug’s completed at a newly constructed property in Naperville, Illinois. Well-planned and properly-built landscape structures not only finish a house, they bring the architecture into the landscape. This makes first impressions and visitor’s entrance more inviting and enjoyable.

It’s extremely important that paving, brick, garden walls and stoops are built to the manufacturers specifications, with skill and attention to detail. Thorough and exacting preparation work, such as good thick gravel bases, well compacted and leveled, with positive water runoff are crucial for a beautiful finished construction. With Doug’s you get all this and more (such as very polite and professional workers). There are some landscaping companies that don’t deliver quite as much.

This project included wide, well-paced steps into the property from the public sidewalk and a new walkway to the house entrance. A stacked decorative stone retaining wall feature brings the grading change into the design and creates a large raised planting bed area.

The stoop outside the front door is extended with a large new concrete base which has been covered with paver brick material. Materials are carefully selected to compliment the stonework on the house facade. The walks flow through the space and lead to the back garden.

Outdoor Family Room 4

Outdoor Family Room

Creating a back yard living room is a great way to extend your home and activities outside. This multi-functional space in Hinsdale, Illinois included a dining area under a pergola just off a small deck area where the barbecue is located.

Mortared natural stone piers with 42″ concrete footings were built to support the posts to the wooden structure. Rich red clay pavers with an antiqued finish were used. Finishing accents of natural stone and a small raised planter provided space for flowers and structural support for the grading.

A separate distinct lounge area with a mortared stone fireplace, integrated seating wall and limestone cap completed this special project. The flooring surface is constructed with flagstone cut, pieces and dry-laid in a random pattern. The red pavers are used for border accents. Poured concrete footer foundations below the frost line along the entire wall and supporting the fireplace feature were part of the construction job.

A path made of crushed granite gravel edged with brick along the entire north side of the house was also part of this very attractive installation.