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Your personal outdoor retreat.

Contrasting Brick Detail
Mortared Natural Stone Construction
Brick Pier, Light and Wall
Outdoor Kitchen Unit
It’s likely, that for a while at least, we’ll all be spending more time at home than we have in the past. During the winter months, there are plenty of places to shelter. It might be in front of the TV, by the fireplace, in the kitchen or wherever suits you on the day. During the warmer seasons though, it’s nice to be able to escape to an outdoor space that is as beautiful and comfortable as your indoors.
Your property offers a great place to create additional living space that’s both attractive and functional. And, this might just be what you, your family and friends could really use right now!
Doug’s Construction Co. can build your backyard hideaway.
We specialize in hardscaping construction including installation of paving brick, natural stone, concrete and more. Always with a focus on craftsmanship and detail, Doug and crew can bring your open-air retreat to life. From driveways to walkways, patios, steps, and retaining walls, we build all types of garden structures and features. We can even create a fireplace or kitchen if you’d like to bring some of your inside vibe outside!
Maybe you already have a patio and need other improvements to help complete the current landscape. We can install brick steps, extra parking areas, family play areas, or improvements to the front of your home such as stoops or decorative mortared stone walls. Just like indoors, the goal outdoors should be to pull the entire space together. We are happy to take on jobs both big and small.
Doug’s Construction has been improving properties in Naperville and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Actually, Doug himself lives and raised his family in Naperville and enjoys working with his neighbors. We would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss your next project.


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